Straight up Respray.
Simple, Durable. Sweet!

Fly under the radar with that stealthy badgeless look or stand out with a straight up simple stunner.

Choose from a selection of standard or metallic colours with a high gloss finish. Unlikely to win any design competitions, but it’s going to look goooooood.

All frames will be taken back to their raw material so we can have total control over the quality of the finish.

Straight up resprays are only available on metal frames currently. For Carbon fibre frames, please see Customs

Paint type

Single Standard Colour

From £250

Single Metallic Colour

From £280

Add Extra Colour (Fade)

From £30

Standard Colours

Metallic Colours


Other colours are available. Please feel free to call or use the contact page if you don’t see your favourite colour.

Alternatively, if you don’t know what you want and feel adventurous, choose Surprise me!? and see what colour comes your way!