Imagine. Design. Create. Ride

One of the wonderful things about custom paint is that the options are incredibly varied. The possibilities are indeed endless: From regular primary base colours through metallic, candy, pearls and chromacoats to name but a few effects before you’ve even got to techniques and finishes. Traditional spray? Hand painted? Hand drawn even. Gloss, Satin or Matt…

Sounds daunting when you list everything like that, but it really doesn’t have to be. Helping you find a look that you’ll love to ride (or stare at while on your coffee and cake stop) is something we specialise in. I really encourage you to call and have a chat about your likes and influences. It’s the best way to start visualising your design.

All frames will be taken back to their raw material so we can have total control over the quality of the finish – Metal frames will be sandblasted, carbon fibre will be carefully sanded by hand. This takes a lot of time and so is reflected in the price.

Previous custom projects have ranged from 35 to over 100 hours so having a set in stone price list is difficult but we’ve simplified each option into starting prices:


Consultation, design and full custom paint


From £550

Carbon Fibre

From £650